First Visit

Dr. Robert Iezman and his orthodontic team are always excited about meeting new patients during their first orthodontic visit to our office. We want your entire experience with our office to be as pleasant and comfortable as possible. We understand how busy you and your family are, and that’s why we utilize easy and fast computerized check-in as well as appointment reminder calls, texts, emails and postcards to inform you of upcoming appointments. Our reception area offers an extensive selection of magazines and wireless internet access for our patients to enjoy.

Your first appointment will consist of an examination and overview of orthodontic treatment options. We also provide an estimate of treatment fees and the convenient payment options available to meet your needs.  Our goal is to make orthodontics affordable for everyone.

This initial visit will allow us to help you determine what orthodontic options will best meet your needs but it is only one piece of the information we need to develop a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment plan built specifically for you.  The next step is to get a set of diagnostic records.

Diagnostic Records

The diagnostic records consist of:

iTero Digital Study Models

With our iTero digital scanner, there are no more unpleasant putty impressions. A handheld wand takes digital 3D images while you are able to breathe and swallow throughout the process.  The digital study models are needed to create a duplicate of your teeth and the bite.  This allows us to have a record of your teeth and bite before you start your treatment and for us to take measurements of the teeth and evaluate how they fit together and work together as a unit.

Digital X-Rays

  • A head or skull x-ray is required to determine the relationship of the upper and lower jaws and teeth within the jaw and face (this x-ray is not taken by general dentists).
  • A Panoramic x-ray is necessary to make sure all your teeth are present, the position of each tooth, and the health of the roots and bones.


Photographs are necessary for the study of facial proportions, balance, and contour.

This diagnostic information allows us to carefully review your specific orthodontic needs such as:

  • Improper alignment of the teeth or bite
  • If different orthodontic treatment options available
  • Confirmation of the preliminary treatment plan, time and fees
  • If the patient is a child, whether treatment is needed now or can be delayed until more teeth erupt or growth is completed?
  • Are extractions needed and why?

We feel it is our responsibility to provide our patients and families with a clear understanding of their specific needs and answer any additional questions you may have.

What You Will Need to Bring

Please assist us with the following information at the time of your first visit:

  • Any panoramic X-ray that was taken within the last few years.
  • If you have orthodontic insurance, bring your insurance card so we can give you a more accurate estimate of your costs.